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Voluntari () is a town in Ilfov county , Ilfov countyRomania . It is located at a distance of 1 km from the northern border of Ilfov countyRomaniaBucharest (2 km from the National Road) and is thus frequently viewed as a Ilfov countyRomaniaBucharestsuburb of Bucharest.The population is 42,944 inhabitants according to the 2011 census, with an ethnic composition, among those for whom data are available, of 94.8% Ilfov countyRomaniaBucharestsuburbRomanians , 1.3% Romani , 0.9% Chinese... read more


Public transportation in Craiova started in September 1948 with only 2 buses, received from . The buses connected the with the .The was first introduced in 1987, on an 18, double-track line, as a result of the state's intention of keeping energy consumption low.The in Craiova today consists of 3 lines and 17 bus lines. It is operated by the , a corporation run by City Hall. One ticket is around €0.5. There are 342 buses and 49 trams serving the city today.Craiova is also a major railway and... read more

FC Voluntari

FC Voluntari is a Romanian professional football club from Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania, founded in 2010. In 2015, the team was promoted to Liga I for the first time in their history.===Early years===In the 2012–13 season of Liga IV, they finished second and promoted to the next league Liga III. This time they won the 2013–14 Liga III and promoted again to Liga II. In Liga II they had notable performances against Farul Constanța and CF Brăila. They qualified via the promotion play-offs... read more

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SME Craiova

The National Council of Small and Medium Sized Private Enterprises in Romania – CNIPMMR - is a RomaniaRomania n employers’, RomaniaRomanianon-profit , non-governmental, non-political organization with legal personality, the only SMEs organization representative at a national level in RomaniaRomanianon-profitRomania . CNIPMMR was established in 1992, presently having 68 branches, over 55,000 members and about 23 associated organizations. The network of branches provides a complete sectoral... read more

S.C.M. Craiova

Sport Club Municipal Craiova, commonly referred to as simply S.C.M. Craiova, is a women's handball club from Craiova, Romania, that plays in the Romanian Women's Handball League.====Players Out==== Category:Liga Națională (women's handball) clubsCategory:Sports clubs established in 2006 read more

TVR Craiova

TVR Craiova is one of the six regional branches of the ''Societatea Românǎ de Televiziune'' (Romanian Television). It was established on May 16, 1996, and began broadcasting on December 1, 1998, with a live transmission from the ''Mihai Viteazul Square'' in Craiova.==External links==Category:Television channels and stations established in 1996 read more

Avioane Craiova

Avioane Craiova S.A. is an aeronautical company based in Ghercești, near Craiova, Romania.==History==Established in 1972 for developing, manufacturing and providing product support of military aircraft to Romanian Air Force, the company began by co-operating with former Yugoslavian company SOKO and two other Romanian companies, Aerostar Bacău and IAR Brașov and developing the joint project of the military twin-engine, close support, ground attack and tactical reconnaissance aircraft IAR-93 Vultur... read more

Automobile Craiova

Automobile Craiova S.A. was an automobile manufacturer located in Craiova, Romania.===The beginnings===The factory was founded in 1976 as the Oltcit joint venture company between the Romanian government (64%) and Citroën (36%). The factory produced cars under the Oltcit and Citroën brands for the domestic and external markets.Business operations report: Central Asia Economist Intelligence Unit (Great Britain) - 1999. "Daewoo Automobile Craiova The Oltcit legacy — Romania's other producer of passenger... read more

Craiova Hippodrome

The Hippodrome can be found within the Nicolae Romanescu Park in the South of Craiova, Romania.Today, the park is included in the National monument list on the 98th position. The hippodrome occupies about 20,50 hectares from a total of 96 that belong to the park. Opened for the public in 1903, in a period of great importance for equestrianism in England and France, the hippodrome was indispensable for the social and economic life of the city. Édouard Redont himself, in his book about the designing... read more

Craiova Group

The Craiova Group is a cooperation project of three European statesRomania, Bulgaria and Serbiafor the purposes of furthering their European integration as well as economic, transport and energy cooperation with one another. The Group originated in a summit meeting of the heads of governments, held on 24 April 2015 in the Romanian city of Craiova. Romania and Bulgaria both joined the European Union on 1 January 2007, while Serbia has been in accession negotiations since January 2014.One of the first... read more

FC Craiova

FC Craiova Football Club was founded in 1940 by the merging of two teams from Craiova and Dolj County: Craiu Craiovan Craiova and Rovine Griviţa Craiova. The newly created team qualified for Divizia A immediately, ranking ninth in the 1940–41 season. During the 1942-1943 Championship, FC Craiova ranked first place, but the competition did not take place officially, due to World War II.The first official season after the war was the 1946–47 season, FC Craiova took last place, relegating it to... read more

Polyvalent Hall (Craiova)

Polyvalent Hall from Craiova () is a multi-purpose indoor arena in Craiova, Romania. It has a seating capacity of 4,215 spectators. The original polyvalent hall was built in 1976, but it was destroyed in a fire in the early 1994s. read more

1936 Craiova Trial

The 1936 Craiova Trial (Romanian: ''Procesul de la Craiova'') was a political trial of some members of the Romanian Communist Party, part of the repression of communists in the Kingdom of Romania, judged by a military tribunal in Craiova.==Arrests==During the night of July 12, 1935, police arrested Ana Pauker, a leader of the Romanian Communist Party, together with Șmil Marcovici and Dimitrie Ganev, members of the Communist Party, as well as the Kaufmans, who rented the house where the Communists'... read more

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