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Antikythera mechanism

The Antikythera mechanism ( or ) is an ancient analogue computer and analogue computerorrery used to predict astronomical positions and astronomicaleclipse s for calendrical and astrological purposes, as well as the astrologicalOlympiad s, the cycles of the astrologicalOlympiadancient Olympic Games .Kaplan, Sarah (June 14, 2016). , ''The Washington Post''. Retrieved June 16, 2016.Found housed in a × × wooden box, the device is a complex clockwork mechanism composed of at least... read more


Antikythera or Anticythera (, ; , literally "opposite Kythera") is a Greek island lying on the edge of the Aegean Sea, between Crete and Peloponnese. Since the 2011 local government reform it is part of the municipality of Kythera island. Greece Ministry of Interior Antikythera may also refer to the Antikythera Strait, through which modified Mediterranean water enters the Sea of Crete.Peter Saundry, C. Michael Hogan & Steve Baum. 2011. Its land area is , and it lies south-east of Kythira. It is... read more

Antikythera wreck

The Antikythera wreck is a Roman-era shipwreck dating from the 2nd quarter of the 1st century BC.http://www.livescience.com/26009-antikythera-roman-shipwreck-two.html"''The Antikythera Shipwreck. The Ship, The Treasures, The Mechanism. National Archaeological Museum, April 2012 – April 2013''". Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism; National Archaeological Museum. Editors Nikolaos Kaltsas & Elena Vlachogianni & Polyxeni Bouyia. Athens: Kapon, 2012, ISBN 978-960-386-031-0. It was discovered by... read more

Antikythera Ephebe

The Antikythera Ephebe is a bronze statue of a young man of languorous grace that was found in 1900 by sponge-divers in the area of the ancient Antikythera shipwreck off the island of Antikythera, Greece. It was the first of the series of Greek bronze sculptures that the Aegean and Mediterranean yielded up in the twentieth century which have fundamentally altered the modern view of Ancient Greek sculpture.Other well-known underwater bronze finds have been retrieved, generally from shipwreck sites:... read more

Wikipedia:Mediation Cabal/Cases/2006-06-14 Antikythera mechanism

== Mediation Case: 2006-06-14 Antikythera mechanism ==Please observe Wikipedia:Etiquette and Talk Page Etiquette in disputes. If you submit complaints or insults your edits are likely to be removed by the mediator, any other refactoring of the mediation case by anybody but the mediator is likely to be reverted. If you are not satisfied with the mediation procedure please submit your complaints to Wikipedia talk:Mediation Cabal.=== Mediator response ===Hi, I am Adam and I have taken this case. I... read more

Navtilos is a small volcanic islet of the Sea of Crete. The islet is located about 30 km southeast of the port of Kapsali on the island of Kythira, and 6 km northwest of the northern tip of Antikythira.Category:Landforms of Islands (regional unit) read more

Mechanism (engineering)

Schematic of the actuator mechanism for an aircraft landing gear.A mechanism is a device designed to transform input forces and movement into a desired set of output forces and the movement. Mechanisms generally consist of moving components such as gears and gear trains, belt and chain drives, cam and follower mechanisms, and linkages as well as friction devices such as brakes and clutches, and structural components such as the frame, fasteners, bearings, springs, lubricants and seals, as well... read more

Protection mechanism

In computer science, protection mechanisms are built into a computer architecture to support the enforcement of security policies.Jones 1975 A simple definition of a security policy is "to set who may use what information in a computer system".The access matrix model, first introduced in 1971,Lampson 1971 is a generalized description of operating system protection mechanisms.Landwehr 1981The separation of protection and security is a special case of the separation of mechanism and policy.Wulf 74... read more

Market mechanism

"Market mechanism is a term from economics referring to the use of money exchanged by buyers and sellers with an open and understood system of value and time trade-offs to produce the best distribution of goods and services. The use of the market mechanism imply in a free market; there can be captive or controlled markets that seek to use supply and demand, or some other form of charging for scarcity, both in social situations and engineering. This is a main term when it comes to marketing in economics.... read more

Leveling mechanism

In cultural anthropology, a leveling mechanism is a practice that acts to ensure social equality, usually by shaming or humbling members of a group that attempt to put themselves above other members. One commonly given example of a leveling mechanism is the !Kung practice of "shaming the meat", particularly as illustrated by the Canadian anthropologist Richard Borshay Lee in his article "Eating Christmas in the Kalahari" (1969). When Lee gave the !Kung an ox as a Christmas gift, the !Kung responded... read more

Reaction mechanism

In chemistry , a reaction mechanism is the step by step chemistrysequence of chemistrysequenceelementary reaction s by which overall chemistrysequenceelementary reactionchemical change occurs.A chemical mechanism describes in detail exactly what takes place at each stage of an overall chemical reaction (transformation). It also describes each chemistrysequenceelementary reactionchemicalreactive intermediate , chemistrysequenceelementary reactionchemicalreactive intermediateactivated complex... read more

Mechanism (biology)

In the science of biology, a mechanism is a system of causally interacting parts and processes that produce one or more effects. Scientists explain phenomena by describing mechanisms that could produce the phenomena. For example, natural selection is a mechanism of biological evolution; other mechanisms of evolution include genetic drift, mutation, and gene flow. In ecology, mechanisms such as predation and host-parasite interactions produce change in ecological systems. In practice, no description... read more

Mechanism design

The Stanley Reiter diagram above illustrates a game of mechanism design. The upper-left space \Theta depicts the type space and the upper-right space ''X'' the space of outcomes. The social choice function f(\theta) maps a type profile to an outcome. In games of mechanism design, agents send messages M in a game environment g. The equilibrium in the game \xi(M,g,\theta) can be designed to implement some social choice function f(\theta). Mechanism design is a field in The Stanley Reiter diagram... read more

Mechanism (philosophy)

Mechanism is the belief that natural wholes (principally living things) are like complicated machines or artifacts, composed of parts lacking any intrinsic relationship to each other. Thus, the source of an apparent thing's activities is not the whole itself, but its parts or an external influence on the parts.The doctrine of mechanism in philosophy comes in two different flavors. They are both doctrines of metaphysics, but they are different in scope and ambitions: the first is a global doctrine... read more

Recall Mechanism

Recall Mechanism is a science fiction short story by American author Philip K. Dick, first published in 1959.http://www.philipkdick.com/works_stories.html and later in ''The Collected Stories of Philip K. Dick, Vol. IV, The Days of Perky Pat'' (1987).==Synopsis==The story is written in a post-apocalyptic world and begins with a psychologist, who is known as an "Analyst" in the story, called Humphreys. He is analysing one of his patients, Paul Sharp, who has a phobia of falling and suffers bouts... read more


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