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Holden Caprice (WM)

The Holden Statesman (WM) and Holden Caprice (WM and WN) are a line of full size luxury cars produced by the Australian manufacturer Holden since September 2006. The range debuted alongside the VE Commodore on 16 July 2006 at the Melbourne Convention Centre. With the Statesman's export plans, it was felt that its launch should be simultaneous with that of the Commodore, rather than months later, as had been the choice. Holden has exported this series to the Middle East as the Chevrolet Caprice since... read more


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The Eishockey-Bundesliga ("Federal Ice Hockey League") was formed in 1958 as the elite hockey competition in the Federal Republic of Germany, replacing the ''Oberliga'' in this position.Klein, p. 12 From the 1994-95 season, it was in turn replaced by the Deutsche Eishockey Liga, which now also carries the name 1st Bundesliga in its logo. The DEL, originally administrated by the ''DEB'', the German Ice Hockey Federation, became an independent league in 1997. DEB website - History of German ice hockey,... read more

Deutsche Eishockey Liga

The Deutsche Eishockey Liga (''German Ice Hockey League'', shortname DEL) is a German professional ice hockey league that was founded in 1994. It was formed as a replacement for the ice hockeyIce hockey Bundesliga and became the new top-tier league in Germany as a result. Unlike the old Bundesliga, the DEL is not under the administration of the German Ice Hockey Federation . The DEL currently has the highest number of American and Canadian players outside North America.In the 2015–16 season... read more

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BBC WM 95.6 (previously BBC Radio WM) is the BBC Local Radio service for the West Midlands , West MidlandsSouth Staffordshire , north West MidlandsSouth StaffordshireWorcestershire and West MidlandsSouth StaffordshireWorcestershirenorth Warwickshire , operated by West MidlandsSouth StaffordshireWorcestershirenorth WarwickshireBBC Birmingham . Launched on 9 November 1970 as BBC Radio Birmingham, it broadcasts from central West MidlandsSouth StaffordshireWorcestershirenorth WarwickshireBBC... read more

Wm. Stage

Wm. Stage, also known as William Stage (born June 30, 1951) is an American journalist, author, and photographer, with a focus on the area and history of the American Midwest and St. Louis, Missouri. From 1982–2004 he worked for the weekly newspaper ''The Riverfront Times'', producing three columns, with the best known being ''Street Talk'', where over the years he photographed and interviewed more than 8,500 random individuals about miscellaneous topics. He is also known for his documentary... read more

WM Recordings

WM Recordings is a Heerlen, the Netherlands based record label founded in 2004 by Marco Kalnenek, who was also involved with Comfort Stand Recordings. Kalnenek also is the webmaster of Weirdomusic.com, a website nominated for a Webby Award in 2004. WM Recordings focuses on music that is, in their own words, "a little different".They do not specialize in one style, but release anything from free jazz to experimental soundscapes, world music and other styles that are often neglected by other netlabels.... read more


WM-data was a Swedish IT consultancy company based in Stockholm, and was completely incorporated by Logica on February 27, 2008. The company was quoted on the Stockholm Stock Exchange (SSE) as a member of the ''A-list'', but after LogicaCMG's acquisition, WM-data was dequoted. The company was active in the Nordic countries, including Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland, and had around 9,000 employees. There were local offices in Estonia and Poland as well, which are now Logica offices. In 2005, it... read more

WM Forbes

WM Forbes Sdn Bhd is a Malaysian Takaful Agency, based in Kuala Lumpur.The company is an Agency Leader Corporation for AIA Malaysia and distributes family Takaful products offered by its principal, AIA Public Takaful Bhd.==External links==Category:Companies based in Kuala Lumpur read more

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Erste Bank Eishockey Liga Playoffs

The playoff results from the Erste Bank Hockey League era of the Austrian Hockey League. The Austrian Hockey League is renamed Erste Bank Hockey Liga in 2003. These are the playoff records from that era. read more

David Wm. Sims

David William Sims (born September 17, 1963 in Austin , AustinTexas ) is an American musician, best known as the bass guitarist of the bands AustinTexasScratch Acid (with whom he initially played guitar), AustinTexasScratch AcidRapeman , and AustinTexasScratch AcidRapemanThe Jesus Lizard . In addition, he has recorded or performed with AustinTexasScratch AcidRapemanThe Jesus LizardSparklehorse , AustinTexasScratch AcidRapemanThe Jesus LizardSparklehorseRhys Chatham , Shivaree , ShivareePigface... read more

Wm. Michael Lynn

Wm. Michael "Mike" Lynn (1958-) is the Burton M. Sack Professor in Food & Beverage Management in Cornell University's School of Hotel Administration., Cornell University School of Hotel Administration. Accessed June 8, 2011 He has a Ph.D. in Social Psychology from Ohio State University. Much of his research deals with the study of tipping at restaurants. Lynn is currently on the editorial board of the Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science. biography at the Cornell University School of Hotel... read more

Weiss WM-21 Sólyom

The Weiss WM-21 Sólyom () was a 1930s Hungarian light bomber and reconnaissance biplane developed by the Manfred Weiss company from the earlier WM-16 which was based on the Fokker C.V.==Design and development==The WM-21 was designed to replace the WM-16, which was considered unsuitable for operational service. The WM-21's structure was strengthened, and the aircraft received a new, more efficient wing set. A tailskid was fitted to allow for shorter landing runs on grass airfields. A conventional... read more


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