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Yandex () is a Russian multinational technology company specializing in Internet-related services and products. Yandex operates the largest search engine in Russia with about 60% market share in that country. It also develops a number of Internet-based services and products. Yandex ranked as the 4th largest search engine worldwide, based on information from Comscore.com, with more than 150 million searches per day as of April 2012, and more than 50.5 million visitors (all company's services) daily... read more

Yandex Browser

Yandex Browser, stylized as Yandex.Browser (), is a freeware web browser developed by the Russian web search corporation Yandex that uses the Blink layout engine and is based on the Chromium open source project. The browser checks webpage security with the Yandex security system and checks downloaded files with Kaspersky anti-virus. The browser also uses Opera Software's Turbo technology to speed web browsing on slow connections.The browser is available for Windows, OS X, Android and iOS. In October... read more

Yandex Disk

Yandex.Disk is a cloud service created by Yandex that lets users store files on “cloud” servers and share them with others online. The service is based on syncing data between different devices. Yandex.Disk was launched in English in June 2012.== Features ==Storage — users can upload and save files. There are no restrictions on the length of time files can be stored. All files are uploaded over an encrypted connection and are checked by an antivirus.Syncing — files are synced between all... read more

Yandex Search is a web search engine owned by Russian corporation Yandex. It is the core product of Yandex. In January 2015 Yandex Search generated 51.2% of all search traffic in Russia according to Liveinternet.. Liveinternet site. Retrieved 2015-02-03.==About==The search technology provides local search results in more than 1,400 cities. Yandex Search also features “parallel” search that presents results from both main web index and specialized information resources, including news, shopping,... read more


==Other uses== German submarine ''U-A''Unauthorized AbsenceFuture Force Unit of ActionultrAslanUnion AssociationUnited AssociationUniversity AllianceUkraineISO country codeUpper Arlington, OhioU of A (disambiguation)University of AkronUniversity of AlabamaUniversity of AlaskaUniversity of AntwerpUniversity of ArizonaUniversity of ArkansasUrsuline Academy (disambiguation)Unit of accountUnitary authorityUrbanized AreaWikipedia:Disambiguation dos and don'tsCategory:Two-letter disambiguation pages read more


.ua is the Internet Internetcountry code Internetcountry codetop-level domain ( Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLD ) for Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDUkraine .==2nd level domains==To remove the risk of Internetcountry codetop-level domainccTLDUkrainecyber squatting , registration of second-level domains directly below .ua is restricted to owners of registered trade marks, who may register a domain name similar to that of the trade mark in question. However you can register... read more

Wikipedia:Articles for deletion/Yandex

The result of the debate was Keep. Hedley 03:37, 13 November 2005 (UTC)===Yandex===Delete? This looks like it might potentially be a stub to something in Russian based on Google. But not sure and there are prior deleted articles listed as "spam." Thus listing here to establish some consensus.—Gaff ταλκ 05:31, 7 November 2005 (UTC) read more

Yandex Data Factory

Yandex Data Factory (YDF) is a B2B division of Yandex, the leading Russian search engine and one of the largest European internet companies. YDF uses data science and machine learning technologies to improve business operations, revenues and profitability. Among their clients and partners are Intel, AstraZeneca, CERN, Magnitogorsk Iron and Steel Works, Rosavtodor, Wargaming, Beeline, Sberbank and Badoo. read more

Ua (singer)

(born March 11, 1972 in Suita , Osaka , Japan), simply known by the Osakastage name UA (), is a Japanese Osakastage namesinger-songwriter . She debuted under Speedstar Records in 1995 with the single " Horizon ".==Biography==Ua was born Kaori Shima and grew up in Suita, Osaka. After graduating from Saga University of Arts in HorizonKyoto , she worked as a lounge singer in her hometown. There, she was scouted by producer lounge singerHiroshi Fujiwara . She took on the unusual stage name... read more


===Citations===Category:World War I submarines of Germany read more

UA 8699

UA 8699 (University of Antananarivo specimen 8699)Krause, 2001, p. 497 is a fossil mammalian tooth from the Cretaceous of Madagascar. A broken lower molar about 3.5 mm (0.14 in) long, it is from the Maastrichtian of the Maevarano Formation in northwestern Madagascar. Details of its crown morphology indicate that it is a boreosphenidan, a member of the group that includes living marsupials and placentals. David W. Krause, who first described the tooth in 2001, interpreted it as a marsupial... read more

Ua discography

The discography of Japanese singer songwriter Ua consists of eighth studio albums, four live albums, three compilation albums, two collaboration albums, one extended play, nineteen singles and four video albums.==External links==Category:Discographies of Japanese artists read more


''UA-Football'' is a popular Ukrainian internet football periodical that was founded on July 12, 2002. Since 2009 the website is part of bigger internet media group, Open Media Group.==Overview==Published in Ukrainian and Russian languages, the website presents a substantial volume of information primarily on the football in Ukraine as well as Europe. The website also follows major European national and continental competitions as well as international competitions around the world. Aside of news... read more

Ua Pu

Ua Pu (, North Marquesan: ''’uapou'') is the third largest of the Marquesas Islands, in French Polynesia, an overseas territory of France in the Pacific Ocean. It is located about 50 km (30 mi.) south of Nuku Hiva, in the northern Marquesas. Until the beginning of the 1980s, it was the most populous of the Marquesas Islands, because when the other islands were being ravaged by diseases introduced by European explorers and traders, the Catholic priests on the island finally took to quarantining... read more

UA Gaillac

Union Athlétique Gaillac is a French rugby union club currently competing in the Fédérale 3 league, the third level of the French amateur league system, after having been forcibly relegated from the second level of the French professional league due to serious financial problems. The club, founded in 1901, is based in the small town of Gaillac, in southwestern France, in the département of Tarn, some 70 km northeast of Toulouse. They play their home games at ''Stade Laborie-Bernard Laporte'',... read more


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